About the project

Engender has been working for women's equality in Scotland for over a quarter of a century, and in that time we've seen big changes - in legislation, in how feminism is viewed, and in the organisation itself. So we were delighted to receive funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to produce a documentary podcast and photo series charting the women's movement in Scotland over the past 25 years.

‘You’ll have had yer feminism?’ is an exhibition offering a snapshot of the women’s equality movement in Scotland over the past 25 years. It features photos from Beth Chalmers of women who have fought for change in various ways - from research to rallies - via social media, endless meetings, and sword fights in the borders (yes, really).

Using archives held by Engender, the Scottish National Library, and the Glasgow Women's Library, and through interviews with dozens of women, Engender has worked with Amanda Stanley to produce a documentary podcast exploring the recent history of feminism in Scotland.